The University of Arizona is rapidly ramping up Coronavirus mitigation efforts to keep our community as safe as possible. Accordingly, we are moving from in-person instruction to online instruction wherever possible.
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Faculty and Staff

photo of Jacqueline Laird
Administrative Assistant | Center for Buddhist Studies
Photo of Jiang Wu
Professor | East Asian Studies
Department Head | East Asian Studies
Photo of Lars E Fogelin
Associate Professor | School of Anthropology
Photo of Alfred W Kaszniak
Professor | Psychology
Takashi Miura
Assistant Professor | East Asian Studies
Photo of Caleb Simmons
Assistant Professor | Religious Studies and Classics
Assistant Professor | Religious Studies and Classics
Photo of Rae Erin Dachille-Hey
Assistant Professor | Religious Studies and Classics, East Asian Studies

Senior Fellows

Photo of Chia-lin Pao-Tao
Senior Fellow, Professor Emerita
East Asian Studies, University of Arizona
Senior Fellow
Maitreya Culture and Education Foundation

Junior Fellows

Junior Fellow
Junior Fellow

Visiting Scholars

School of Urban Culture, South China Normal University
Assistant Research Fellow
Institute for Historical Environment and Socio-economic Development of Northwest China, Shaanxi Normal University
Phd Student