Center for

Buddhist Studies

Promoting academic research on the Buddhist tradition and its related religious, intellectual, social, cultural, and economic aspects around the world

Our center provides regional, national, and international leadership in the academic field of Buddhist studies.

Collaborating with academic units and communities within and outside the university, the center’s activities include a Buddhist studies lecture series, financial assistance to scholars and students of Buddhist studies, hosting academic conferences and workshops, a visiting scholar program, contemplative studies and community outreach.

It is glad to announce that the first issue of newsletter for the Center for Buddhist Studies at UA has been published. The newsletter presents the conferences, new research initiatives, lecture series, and achievements of exceptional faculty and students at the center in the past few years.... Read More

The Center for Buddhist Studies at UA is pleased to invite you to join us for a guest speaker event with a Tibetan monastic who has earned the highest degrees in Tibetan philosophy from... Read More

The Center for Buddhist Studies is glad to announce the first lecture of the Pu Yin Buddhist Studies Lecture Series in 2019 spring at UA. Prof. Lars Fogelin will give the first lecture on early Buddhism. The lecture is free and open to public.

Prof. Lars Fogelin, School of... Read More

The University of Arizona offers multiple courses on Buddhist Studies for undergraduate and graduate students in 2019 spring.... Read More

Arizona in Hangzhou is a summer program for undergraduate students provided by the East Asian Studies Department at the University... Read More

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