Center for

Buddhist Studies

Promoting academic research on the Buddhist tradition and its related religious, intellectual, social, cultural, and artistic aspects around the world

Our center provides regional, national, and international leadership in the academic field of Buddhist studies.

Collaborating with academic units and communities within and outside the university, the center’s activities include a Buddhist studies lecture series, rare Buddhist archive preservation, financial assistance to scholars and students of Buddhist studies, hosting academic conferences and workshops, a visiting scholar program, contemplative studies and community outreach.



Welcome to the Center for Buddhist Studies Community Wellness Digest! In this monthly email, we will share wisdom from Buddhist teachings you can use in your daily life, wellness tips, and information about university and community events. We welcome your feedback. Let us know what you think by... Read More
UACBS Published the Fourth Issue of Chinese Buddhist Canon Research Newsletter We are pleased to release the second issue of a monthly Chinese Buddhist Canon Research Newsletter in February 2021. The purpose of this newsletter is to present academic information about the research, collation,... Read More
The Center for Buddhist Studies and the Department of East Asian Studies are pleased to announce that the Khyentse Foundation Academic Development Committee has renewed the Award for Excellence in Buddhist Studies for three more years, from 2021 to 2023. The Award was first granted from 2018 to... Read More
Music can be a source of deep comfort during troubling times, bringing peace and easing suffering for performers and audience alike. Explore the special role that music plays in Buddhism with this series of videos compiled from Harmony and Compassion: Music in Buddhist Ritual, an online conference... Read More
In this series of “Faculty Spotlight” posts, we celebrate our Center’s faculty members, who achieved much in 2020 despite the many challenges they have faced. Dr. Robert Edward Gordon is an Assistant Professor in the area of General Studies at the Fred Fox School of Music and Managing Director of... Read More

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