Center for

Buddhist Studies

Promoting academic research on the Buddhist tradition and its related religious, intellectual, social, cultural, and artistic aspects around the world

Our center provides regional, national, and international leadership in the academic field of Buddhist studies.

Collaborating with academic units and communities within and outside the university, the center’s activities include a Buddhist studies lecture series, rare Buddhist archive preservation, financial assistance to scholars and students of Buddhist studies, hosting academic conferences and workshops, a visiting scholar program, contemplative studies and community outreach.



The University of Arizona offers a wide range of courses in Buddhist Studies and related subjects for undergraduates and graduate students. Listed below are the courses being offered in Spring 2022. For more information, please contact: The Center for Buddhist Studies at (520) 621-9820, orbuddhist-... Read More
Dear faculty, staff, students, and friends of the Center for Buddhist Studies,    Happy New Year! On behalf of the Center’s faculty and staff, I would like to wish you a happy and prosperous 2022. It has been another difficult year for all of us. We have had to endure all kinds of inconvenience and... Read More
Topic: Opening the Canon: New Challenges to Buddhist Studies in Humanities Education Read more about Prof Wu's interview by visiting: Read More
We are pleased to release the ninth issue of a monthly Chinese Buddhist Canon Research Newsletter in November 2021. The purpose of this newsletter is to present academic information about the research, collation, collection, and digitalization of Chinese Buddhist canons and scriptures. The opinions... Read More
[Panel Highlight] Panel 4: Precious Scrolls in Jiangnan Arizona: 4:00pm, Dec 11 | New York: 6:00pm, Dec 11 | London: 11:00pm, Dec 11| Taiwan: 7:00 am, Dec 12 | Tokyo: 8:00 am, Dec 12 Zoom event (please register via the website or click the link below to receive zoom link to the symposium) Chair:... Read More

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