Center for

Buddhist Studies

Promoting academic research on the Buddhist tradition and its related religious, intellectual, social, cultural, and economic aspects around the world

Our center provides regional, national, and international leadership in the academic field of Buddhist studies.

Collaborating with academic units and communities within and outside the university, the center’s activities include a Buddhist studies lecture series, financial assistance to scholars and students of Buddhist studies, hosting academic conferences and workshops, a visiting scholar program, contemplative studies and community outreach.

The Arizona Daily Wildcat, the most influential student newspaper on campus, released a report about the new Center for Buddhist Studies. Director Prof. Jiang Wu, and one of the core... Read More

Congratulations to Professor Albert Welter, one of the core faculties in Center for Buddhist Studies, was granted 2017 ACLS funding for the international conference entitled "Creating the World of Chan/Son/Zen: Chinese Chan Buddhism and its Spread throughout East Asia" in the forthcoming March... Read More

Director Jiang Wu visited Tzu Chi University of Science and Technology (TCUST) in Hualien, Taiwan on June 13, 2017 and discussed possible collaboration on the Service Learning, Humanities and Transcultural Program with President Wen-Jui Ho, Director for Office of International and Cross-Strait... Read More

Director Jiang Wu visited the Taiwan Sheng Yen Education Foundation in March 8, 2017 and made a presentation to its Board of Directors about the founding of the Center for Buddhist Studies at the University of Arizona. Dr. Wu presented the university pennant to the president of the board Mr. Cai... Read More

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