Academic Advisory Board

Roger Ames

Ames, Roger

Roger T. Ames is Humanities Chair at Peking University, a Berggruen Fellow, and former Professor of Philosophy at the University of Hawai’i. He is former editor of Philosophy… Read More

James Benn

Benn, James

James Benn is Professor of Department of Religious Studies at McMaster University. He was trained primarily as a scholar of medieval Chinese religions (Buddhism and Taoism).… Read More

Javier Duran

Duran, Javier D

Javier D. Durán, Professor of Spanish and Border Studies, is a specialist in cultural and literary studies along the U.S.-Mexico border. He is a native of the Arizona-Sonora… Read More

Ann Heirman

Heirman, Ann

Ann Heirman, Ph.D. (1998) in Oriental Languages and Cultures, is Professor at Ghent University (Belgium), where she is teaching Classical and Buddhist Chinese. She has… Read More

Lewis Lancaster

Lancaster, Lewis

Dr. Lewis Lancaster is Professor Emeritus of Department of East Asian Languages at the University of California at Berkeley and has been an adjunct professor at UWest since… Read More

Karen Seat

Seat, Karen K

Dr. Karen Seat specializes in U.S. religious history, American evangelicalism, and gender studies. In 2012, Dr. Seat began serving as director of the Religious Studies Program… Read More

Albert Welter

Welter, Albert

Albert Welter is Professor and Department Head of East Asian Studies, University of Arizona. His area of academic study is Chinese Buddhism, and he has published in the area of… Read More

Jiang Wu

Wu, Jiang

Dr. Jiang Wu is currently a professor in the Department of East Asian Studies, director of Center for Buddhist Studies. He received his Master'… Read More