Rae Erin Dachille-Hey

Photo of Rae Erin Dachille-Hey
Core Faculty
Assistant Professor
Religious Studies and Classics
East Asian Studies


Ph.D University of California, Berkeley

Major Field: 

Tibetan and Himalayan Buddhism

Major Publications: 

  • “Searching for the Body: The Body Mandala Debate in Fifteenth-Century Tibet.”
  • The Body Mandala Debate: Knowing the Body through a Network of Fifteenth-Century Tibetan Buddhist Texts (Dissertation)
  • “The Case of the Disappearing Blue Woman: Understanding How Meaning is Made in Desi Sangye Gyatso’s Blue Beryl Paintings.” Asian Medicine: Tradition and Modernity, Volume 7, Issue 1 ‘Gender, Health and Medicine in Tibet’: Dr Heidi Fjeld and Theresia Hofer (eds), Autumn 2011.