Ōbaku Ingen Lecture Series

The year 2022 marks the 350th death anniversary of Zen Master Yinyuan Longqi (隱元隆琦1592-1673, Ingen Ryūki in Japanese). Special ceremonies and events will be held in both Japan and China to honor this great Zen master. In North America, the Center for Buddhist Studies, College of Humanities at the University of Arizona is organizing a series of commemorative events which will run for one year beginning May 3, 2022. These events will present and explore the extraordinary life of Zen Master Yinyuan and the great achievements of the Huangbo 黃檗 Chan tradition (known as the Ōbaku school of Zen Buddhism in Japan)  that Yinyuan pioneered in China and Japan. These events highlight the intersection between religion, art, and culture in China and Japan and will be presented in both online and offline formats. Activities will include an online exhibition of works of art related to the Ōbaku tradition, academic lectures, musical performances, and tea-related events. (Visit our Ōbaku Ingen website at: ingen.arizona.edu)

These lecture series are made possible thanks to the generous support from Wanfu Temple in Fuqing, Lingyin Temple in Hangzhou, and Matcha.com. For more information about our lecture series, please visit our website: https://cbs.arizona.edu/event/2022-fall-lecture-series

Ōbaku Ingen Lecture Series

How to Read Ingen’s Portraits

Speaker: Dr. Elizabeth Horton Sharf (Independent Scholar)

Feb. 14 (Tuesday), 2023

Hybrid event (In-person/Zoom)

Thinking Through Zen Kōans

Speaker: Dr. Robert Sharf (D. H. Chen Distinguished Professor of Buddhist Studies, Department of East Asian Languages and Cultures, the University of California, Berkeley; Chair, Berkeley’s Numata Center for Buddhist Studies)

Feb. 13 (Monday), 2023

Hybrid event (In-person/Zoom)

Ōbaku and Sencha

Speaker: Dr. Patricia Graham (Independent Scholar)

Oct. 24 (Monday), 2022

Hybrid event (In-person/Zoom)

Chinese Zen Master Yinyuan/Ingen in Global East Asia

Speaker: Dr. Jiang Wu (Director, Center for Buddhist Studies, University of Arizona)

May 3 (Tuesday), 2022

Hybrid event (In-person/Zoom)