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Lingyin Buddhist Studies Doctoral Fellowship Application

Friday, January 24, 2020

Thanks to the generous support of Lingyin Temple in Hangzhou, China, the Center for Buddhist Studies at the University of Arizona establishes two graduate studies fellowships, each worth $10,000, to support two qualified Ph.D. students (not visiting or affiliated students), to complete a major project towards the completion of their degrees. These projects should be related to the Hangzhou Buddhist culture in a broad sense and may include writing a thesis or conducting research which will result in publication, collecting materials, compiling databases, fulfilling an advanced language requirement, etc. Fellowships should not be used for the completion of course work or exams. Upon receiving this fellowship, the recipients will automatically become junior fellows in the Center and have access to the resources provided by the Center. Applicants should be in good standing in the College of Humanities or have been accepted as incoming students during the year in which the fellowships will be awarded. In addition to filling out an information sheet which can be downloaded from this website https://cbs.arizona.edu/programs/student-awards, applicants should prepare a two-page statement which outlines the project they plan to complete during the academic year, transcripts from the past two years, a writing sample, and two names of recommenders with contact information to testify to their research abilities. The deadline for submission is March 1 in 2020 and the results will be announced in May. Recipients are allowed to combine this fellowship with other funding sources. If combined with COH support, the amount of award will be roughly equivalent to a 0.25 FTE GAT fellowship for the academic year, during which the awardees should not accept any other employment.  A prospective applicant can receive this fellowship no more than three times. For submission and inquiry, please contact Buddhist-studies@email.arizona.edu. (If the applicants have received this fellowship previously, a one-page project report should be submitted with details about the project progress such as the completion of the actual number of chapters, pages, and words of the funded project and if any related publications and presentations have been done during the previous fellowship period.)