A New Course on Religious Theories and Methods Provided for Buddhist Studies Graduate Students at UA

Monday, July 16, 2018

A new course on religious theories and methods provided by Dr. Rae Dachille is recommended for Buddhist studies graduate students in fall 2018. The following is the course information:

RELI 550: Graduate Readings in Theories and Methods for the Study of Religion

Instructor: Dr. Rae Dachille

Time:   Tu/Th 2:00PM - 3:15PM  (Fall 2018)

Description: The course provides graduate training in the theories and methods of religious studies and guides students in contextualizing their own work within this discourse. It is an opportunity to learn how religion became an object of study, to explore the approaches of key theorists, and to assess the efficacy of these approaches for our own research.  Controversies surrounding ritual, canon, culture, power, translation, and “experience” will inform our conversations.  Students will also develop a more nuanced understanding of the relationship of religious studies and area studies, in terms of historical and continuously-evolving dynamics. Finally, this course challenges students to evaluate the broader role of religious studies in the humanities and to set goals for their professional contributions to this discourse.