UACBS Published the 17th Issue of Chinese Buddhist Canon Research Newsletter

Wednesday, November 30, 2022

We are pleased to release the seventeenth issue of a monthly Chinese Buddhist Canon Research Newsletter in October 2022. The purpose of this newsletter is to present academic information about the research, collation, collection, and digitalization of Chinese Buddhist canons and scriptures. The opinions expressed in this newsletter are those of the original authors and publishers, and do not necessarily reflect those of the Center for Buddhist Studies, the editors, the editorial board, or the organization to which the authors are affiliated. If you have questions concerning these opinions, please contact the original authors and their publishers.

This newsletter will be a professional information exchange platform for the study of Chinese Buddhist canons. Its content will include the following:

  • Publication information, including books, essays, reviews, dissertations, etc.
  • Conference information
  • Scholar information introducing scholars’ achievements, exchange of ideas, suggestions, and proposals
  • Research projects, such as project proposals, project introductions, etc.
  • Current canon collections in World Libraries and Museums
  • New findings of the scholarship on the Chinese Buddhist canon and related literature in public and private collections and auctions

Because of the different setups in your email clients, the fonts, images, and layouts in this newsletter may look different. We suggest you click the link "View this email in your browser" on the top of this message to access the HTML version. As we prepare this newsletter, our community is facing unprecedented challenges. We are grateful that you have continued to support our research Center during the pandemic. If you are willing to support the Chinese Buddhist canon research or sponsor the publication of this newsletter, please consider DONATING NOW.  

To our friends near and far, we hope that you stay safe and healthy and that the Buddhist teachings and resources we share can bring some measure of comfort. If you have any suggestions or would like to contribute information, please email us at

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Starting from issue 6, we add a new section to the Newsletter, "Research Notes (zangjing jingyanlu 藏經經眼錄)," which aims to collect scholars' research notes on Chinese Buddhist canons. From now on, we will welcome submissions of research notes to our Newsletters. Scholars who are interested, please email Dr. Zhouyuan Li at

For previous issues of Buddhist Canon Research Newsletter, please see: Link.

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Jiang Wu, Darui Long, Zhouyuan Li and Youteng Bi