UACBS Published the First Issue of Chinese Buddhist Canon Research Newsletter

Tuesday, February 16, 2021

UACBS Published the First Issue of Chinese Buddhist Canon Research Newsletter
The Center for Buddhist Studies is pleased to announce that we have published the first issue of the monthly Chinese Buddhist Canon Research Newsletter, with the Center’s Director Professor Jiang Wu serving as Editor-in-Chief and Dr. Zhouyuan Lee, a post-doc at Sun Yat-sen University in Guangzhou, China, serving as Executive Editor.

The purpose of this newsletter is to present academic information about the research, collation, collection, and digitalization of Chinese Buddhist canons and scriptures. Buddhist canons include the traditions of different regions such as China, Tibet, Southeast Asia, and Mongolia, as well as the newly compiled, translated, and digitized forms of Buddhist canons.
This newsletter is a professional and authoritative information exchange platform for the study of Chinese Buddhist canons. Its content includes the following:

  • Publication information, including books, essays, reviews, dissertations, etc.
  • Conference information
  • Scholar information introducing scholars’ achievements, exchange of ideas, suggestions, and proposals
  • Research projects, such as project proposals, project introductions, etc.
  • Current canon collections in World Libraries and Museums
  • New findings of the scholarship on the Chinese Buddhist canon and related literature in public and private collections and auctions

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